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As an urban destination and a major university city, with not less than 253 000 inhabitants and a 410 000 inhabitant metropolis, Montpellier found the right balance between big town facilities and the Mediterranean “Dolce Vita.”

Montpellier offers a whole set of architectural treasures.

Visiting Montpellier means going from medieval architecture to a contemporary style while discovering outstanding and unusual settings! This modern city, which still desires to develop itself, is also an example of controlled urban planning with areas such as Antigone or Port Marianne.

Famous architects such as Jean Nouvel, François Fontès or even Ricardo Bofill have come to Montpellier and designers Garouste, Bonetti and more recently Christian Lacroix have even brought their touch to the town by imaginating the decoration of the Montpellier tramways. Let yourself be inspired by our recommendations at

The charms of Montpellier lie in this diversified and surprising architecture.

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