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Lugano Convention Centre Switzerland



Lugano Switzerland
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Discover summer in Switzerland’s South, where our Mediterranean climate creates perfect conditions for fun-filled days.

You can cool off in the lake, enjoy the wealth of opportunities it offers and revel in the sense of calm its waters convey. You’ll also be able to admire nature’s intense colors along with the region’s network of trails while breathing in summer’s fragrant aromas. You’re bound to be pleasantly surprised by the local area’s beauty, the variety of villages, and the city’s Mediterranean lifestyle.

During your stay, you’ll also be able to savor our local gastronomic traditions as well as our authentic Ticino wines: from old-time farmhouse cooking in a typical grotto (a rustic restaurant) with stone benches and shade-giving trees to gourmet cuisine in one of the four elegant Michelin-starred restaurants.

It’s always the right time to discover the Lugano region’s beauty. Choose from amongst the abundance of hotels and activities on offer in the region.

The Lugano Region is constantly liaising with our partners to update content. Given the ever-changing situation, it is highly recommended that you check opening times and any restrictions on activities directly with the partner indicated. Let yourself be inspired by our recommendations www.luganoregion.com.

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