Bordeaux France




The oldest and largest area globally that produces fine wines, Bordeaux includes 65 appellations and covers 112,000 hectares. An opportunity to experience a powerful heritage and strong characters and to taste the resulting wines! Hundreds of wine-producing properties, or châteaux, open their doors to visitors and are happy to reveal the secrets of how they make their wines.


Actively committed to a sustainable development approach, Bordeaux has redesigned its transportation system, giving preference to environmentally-friendly modes of travel. Explore the historic center of Bordeaux with its numerous pedestrian areas and little squares linked by narrow streets. Cross the Pont de Pierre to visit the Darwin «ecosystem» and the Parc aux Angéliques on the other side of the river. Take a walk in one of the city’s many green spaces or along the beautifully landscaped riverfront: Bordeaux offers a wide range of relaxing settings and opportunities for walks and bike rides. The city also has its own network of GR® hiking trails with 160 km of paths through 17 communes around Bordeaux through woods, into forests, and along the banks of rivers, with numerous heritage sites on the way. A pleasant change of scenery!


Bordeaux is a capital city. By it can be reached by train, by boat, by plane. It is also the gateway to the whole of the South-West region of France, and there are some charming destinations nearby with lots to see and do. Take a deep breath of sea air, breathe in the scent of the pine trees, climb the highest dune in Europe, taste some delicious food… there are so many places to visit in Arcachon Bay, on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, the forest of the Landes, and the Basque Country!

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